Scottish Raspberry Sunday Kit- alternatives .....

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

We include a recipe sheet in the kit with step by step instructions and also suggestions for using the other toppings to make a variety of sundaes🍧. See the step by step photos of how it’s made. Mouthwateringlt good!!! It’s great fun to experiment with different fruits, sauces and toppings.

Do send us pictures 📸 of your own sundaes.

But I also said I would give some suggestions for healthier options - less sugar, more fruit, maybe yoghurt or


I tried LactoFree cream for the first time in the sundae and I thought it was a really good alternative for those of us that are trying to be lacto-free. This is a picture of a breakfast cup using beautiful vintage china, honey and lemon Greek yoghurt, fresh raspberries, home-made raspberry sauce and some crushed nuts- this makes a great breakfast or an after dinner dessert.

It’s wonderful with blueberries strawberries mango peaches pears 🍒🍑🍇🍓🍊🍐🥭🍍you name it.

Using vintage china in this way means it looks good enough for afternoon tea or a vintage wedding breakfast! We are having wonderful weather ☀️at the moment in Scotland so as we are not eating out due to lockdown- why not treat yourself at home and have some alfresco dining with beautiful vintage tableware and easy home - made food!! #gifts #icecream #summer

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