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Vintage  China, Jewellery & Gifts.
Shabby Chic Upcycled  Furniture

Artisan & Vintage is our beautiful shop on the banks of the River Nith in Dumfries near the historic Devorgilla Bridge on the Whitesands. Our shop opened in November 2019 and is a collaboration between Anne and Christine who have had neighbouring shops in the tranquil setting of Drumlanrig Castle, Stableyard Studios for several years.

Many of the local producers who supply us, share our passion and ethos to produce sustainably, making the best use of resources in an eco friendly way, to reduce our carbon footprint as far as possible and to reduce waste.

Re-use, Recycle, Revive, Refurb  and Relove  and using natural products where possible are all part of our company ethos.

Our online store is truly a place for discovering unique decor, home accessories. and beautifuly crafted gifts.

Our range of goods is based on supplies from over 20 local producers and we are proud to  showcase the craftmanship of many local people.

We have developed a loyal group of  supporters and repeat customers since we opened and we are very greatful to them and hope they will contine to support us in the future.  We often have people pop in for a chat as they are passing  and we love to chat!

Our workshops which we have hosted since December have been extremely popular and we have seen over 60  places booked.

Our workshop reservations for April and May were being booked up before we had to close temporarily due to the Covid 19 situation.


We are working very hard just now  to allow customers to buy some of our popular products. Understandably  people can't visit all their favourite shops for items they might need.  For example, I'd love to be able to send an engagement card and gift to someone very special. 

So we hope to put that right by offering on line gift boxes delivered for you - to get us through this difficult period. We are hoping that you will support us with this.

We will start by selling a small number of gift boxes which will include a range of some of our most popular items.  Many of our suppliers have seen their trading outlets  and income dry up and we'd like to help them to help us to stay open.

The Gardeners Gift Box

Bee Happy Gift Box

The Heart Gift Box

We do hope to keep supplying customers by setting up our on line shop very soon - so watch this space. More details will be added very soon.

Our customers can count on us to expect the unexpected; we are fun, quirky, know how to add personality to everyday items, and add spice to your home.

Browse through our site now and see all that we have to offer.

Artisan and Vintage is where savvy shoppers of all interior styles discover an ever changing and evolving selection of home decor from far and wide. Our selection is unique, and there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

We believe that your home should reflect your own personal style. Each corner of your life should be eye-catching and unique, just like you. Artisan and Vintage is a home decor store, dedicated to helping our customers discover their own design personality. Browse through our wide selection today to find just what you have been searching for.

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